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    SINOPEC Shengli Offshore Drilling Company (SLODC) is a professional drilling company specialized in the oil drilling operations in shallow waters and extremely shallow waters. The company is well equipped with nine drilling rigs (including three submersibles and six jack-ups), which have all obtained the certificate for petroleum engineering team issued by SINOPEC Group. The rigs are all listed in China Classification Society (CCS) and the annual drilling capacity has been over 200,000 meters. The company has successfully completed 1000 wells of various types and its footage has been more than 2200 thousand meters since 1978. Our company has discovered several offshore oil fields, such as Chengdao, Jidong, Kengdong, Kuihuadao and Nanpu,etc.
    SLODC always sticks to the service concept of “creating more than the expectations for customers” to actively develop the domestic and international markets with good experience in market cooperation. It has well cooperated with all its customers and enjoyed a higher reputation from the customers. The company has cooperated with many Chinese and foreign oil companies such as Liaohe, Dagang, Jidong, Kerr-McGee, Apache, EDC, the Agip Corporation of Italy and the Tung Wash Group of Hongkong and companies from South Korea and has completed nearly 200various wells with total drilling footage of 500,000 meters since 1990. With the most professional operations and the most top-quality services and the optimal cost, it has enabled the customers to really enjoy the value and won the appreciation and praises from the customers.









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